Distok CutTheCord: Modular Discord Android client mod

Updated 2 weeks ago

cadence / Carbon
JavaScript 8 1

Carbon: The Matrix client for Discord refugees.

Updated 4 days ago

Gitdab's scripts, icons and gitea customizations

Updated 2 weeks ago

glitch art scripting language

Updated 3 weeks ago

Updated 10 months ago

sicckkk images of some watermelons ok

Updated 1 year ago

(nonserious) jorts programming language

Updated 1 year ago

Extracted Discord APKs for your enjoyment. Updated automatically.

Updated 1 day ago

luna / vig
Zig 2 0

vlang parser in zig

Updated 4 months ago


Updated 10 months ago

Quick Rehash of Gitea Arc Dark theme from userstyles.

Updated 2 years ago

Simple logging library in Rust

Updated 6 months ago

Web frontend of minverse

Updated 9 months ago

2D/3D Game Engine built on Python.

Updated 11 months ago

Experimental Minecraft Modding Framework for 1.13.1

Updated 2 years ago

Thog / cryloc
Crystal 1 0

A platform independent memory allocator in Crystal

Updated 2 years ago

a working librus-tricks

Updated 1 month ago

ashie / elstat
Python 1 0

Updated 2 years ago

s / dc
Zig 1 0

disconnect and power off

Updated 2 months ago