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Updated 1 year ago

I had a lot of free time one day

Updated 2 days ago

a smol gkos chording keyboard + trackball mouse

Updated 1 week ago

SmartCord is a friendly fork of EnhancedDiscord

Updated 1 month ago

unfinished dungeon crawler thing that slice told me to build

Updated 12 months ago

A macro to generate string sequences for colored terminal output.

Updated 8 months ago

Discord Bot to interact with the server-api and control my servers through Discord.

Updated 1 month ago

REST API to interact with server software from afar.

Updated 3 weeks ago

a tiny little search utility bot for discord.

Updated 2 weeks ago

glitch art scripting language

Updated 2 weeks ago

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Elixirecoin frontend and assets

Updated 2 years ago

A compact, no_std UTF-8 parser for Rust.

Updated 1 year ago

old rsudo source

Updated 2 years ago


Updated 5 months ago

A Python side-project that replaces Roblox sound assets locally

Updated 3 months ago

Updated 1 year ago

Updated 1 year ago

llvm based toy programming language

Updated 9 months ago

fork of the wakatime cli program for rana

Updated 2 years ago

A TikTok-like federated social network.

Updated 10 months ago