My dotfiles / configs.
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Elle's system configuration

This is my configuration for my computer.

Why you shouldn't use this (unless you are me)

  • It only works on NixOS 21.11
  • It is not created for general use
  • You will need to edit it
  • Copy/pasting parts of it into your own config is a much easier & better experience
  • It has multiple security issues:
    • Autologin + autostart x-org
    • No screen lock
    • Firewall is disabled
    • Installs Discord & Steam, which are both proprietary & may track you
    • Things aren't configured for best possible security

In case you for some reason still want to use this (or you are me)

  1. Clone this repository into your config directory (usually /etc/nixos)
  2. Run nixos-generate-config to make your hardware-configuration.nix
  3. Run ./ & follow the instructions
  4. nixos-rebuild switch to apply the configuration
  5. After you have applied the configuration (skip any steps irrelevant to you):
    1. Enable all Firefox extensions (from about:addons)
    2. Log into Bitwarden, Discord, & Steam
    3. Edit the Firefox toolbar to your liking
    4. Install all your Steam games & Goosemod themes/plugins
    5. Restore your SSH & GPG keys

To remove unneeded files after completing the steps, you can run rm -rf {.git,,LICENSE,}. Do not do this if you are me.

If your target system is mounted on some other path than root, adjust steps correctly (the NixOS manual link below should help)
If you are trying to install these configs on a new system, run nixos-install instead of doing step 4, & refer to the installation chapter of the NixOS manual.