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ave 59c76a6506 Revert "betterrotation: Restore from old-patches"
This reverts commit a8c17e2032.

I am an idiot
2 years ago
distok Dockerise 2 years ago
fdroid/repo Dockerise 2 years ago
fonts Dockerise 2 years ago
icons Create an "others" icon folder 2 years ago
keystores Add a keystores folder 2 years ago
old-patches Revert "betterrotation: Restore from old-patches" 2 years ago
patches Revert "betterrotation: Restore from old-patches" 2 years ago
ringtones Dockerise 2 years ago
scripts customtheme 87202: Fix logo bg color, drop bg field from ctcconfig 2 years ago
xmlpatches customtheme 87202: red pings 2 years ago
patchport-state.json Add xml-port support. 2 years ago