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#lang racket/base
(require racket/dict
(define (preprocess-html-wiki html)
(regexp-replace* #rx"(<(?:td|figcaption)[^>]*?>\n?)(?:<li>|[ \t]*?<p class=\"caption\">(.*?)</p>)"
html (λ (whole first-tag [contents #f])
(if (eq? (string-ref whole 1) #\f) ;; figcaption
(string-append first-tag "<span class=\"caption\">" contents "</span>")
(string-append first-tag "<ul><li>")))))
(module+ test
(check-equal? (preprocess-html-wiki "<td class=\"va-navbox-column\" style=\"width: 33%\">\n<li>Hey</li>")
"<td class=\"va-navbox-column\" style=\"width: 33%\">\n<ul><li>Hey</li>")
(check-equal? (preprocess-html-wiki "<figure class=\"thumb tright\" style=\"width: 150px\"><a class=\"image\"><img></a><noscript><a><img></a></noscript><figcaption class=\"thumbcaption\"> <p class=\"caption\">Caption text.</p></figcaption></figure>")
"<figure class=\"thumb tright\" style=\"width: 150px\"><a class=\"image\"><img></a><noscript><a><img></a></noscript><figcaption class=\"thumbcaption\"><span class=\"caption\">Caption text.</span></figcaption></figure>"))
(module+ test
(require rackunit
(define wiki-document
(div (@ (class "mw-parser-output"))
(aside (@ (role "region") (class "portable-infobox pi-theme-wikia pi-layout-default"))
(h2 (@ (class "pi-item pi-title") (data-source "title"))
"Infobox Title")
(figure (@ (class "pi-item pi-image") (data-source "image"))
(a (@ (href "") (class "image image-thumbnail") (title ""))
(img (@ (src "") (class "pi-image-thumbnail")))))
(div (@ (class "pi-item pi-data") (data-source "description"))
(h3 (@ (class "pi-data-label"))
(div (@ (class "pi-data-value"))
"Mystery infobox!")))
(div (@ (data-test-collapsesection) (class "collapsible collapsetoggle-inline collapsed"))
(i (b "This section is hidden for dramatic effect."))
(div (@ (class "collapsible-content"))
(p "Another page link: "
(a (@ (data-test-wikilink) (href "") (title "Another Page"))
"Another Page"))))
(figure (@ (class "thumb tnone"))
(a (@ (href "") (class "image") (data-test-figure-a))
(img (@ (src "%3D%3D")
(data-src "")
(class "thumbimage lazyload"))))
(a (@ (href "") (class "image"))
(img (@ (src "")
(data-src "")
(class "thumbimage")))))
(figcaption "Test figure!"))
(iframe (@ (src "")))
(div (@ (class "reviews"))
(header "GameSpot Expert Reviews"))
(div (@ (data-test-ampersand) (class "mw-collapsible-content"))
(& ndash))))))
(define (updater wikiname #:strict-proxy? [strict-proxy? #f])
;; precompute wikiurl regex for efficency
(define wikiurl-regex (pregexp (format "^https://(~a)\\.fandom\\.com(/wiki/.*)$" px-wikiname)))
;; precompute link replacement string for efficiency
(define wiki-substitution (format "/~a\\1" wikiname))
(define classlist-updater
; uncollapse all navbox items (bottom of page mass navigation)
(curry u
(λ (classlist) (and ; removed due to scoping, would improve peformance (eq? element-type 'table)
(member "navbox" classlist)
(member "collapsed" classlist)))
(λ (classlist) (filter (curry (negate equal?) "collapsed") classlist)))
; uncollapse portable-infobox sections
(curry u
(λ (classlist) (and ; removed due to scoping, would improve performance (eq? element-type 'section)
(member "pi-collapse" classlist)))
(λ (classlist) (filter (λ (v)
(and (not (equal? v "pi-collapse-closed"))
(not (equal? v "pi-collapse"))))
; generic: includes article sections and tables, probably more
(curry u
(λ (classlist) (and (member "collapsible" classlist)
(member "collapsed" classlist)))
(λ (classlist) (filter (curry (negate equal?) "collapsed") classlist)))))
(define ((string-replace-curried from to) str)
(string-replace str from to))
(define class-updater
(string-replace-curried " collapsed" "")
(string-replace-curried "pi-collapse-closed" "")
(string-replace-curried "pi-collapse" "")))
(define (cardimage-class-updater c)
(string-append c " bw-updated-cardtable-cardimage"))
(define attributes-updater
; uncollapsing
#;(curry attribute-maybe-update 'class
(λ (class) (string-join (classlist-updater (string-split class " ")) " ")))
(curry attribute-maybe-update 'class class-updater)
; change links to stay on the same wiki
(curry attribute-maybe-update 'href
(λ (href)
(λ (href) (regexp-replace #rx"^(/wiki/.*)$" href wiki-substitution))
(λ (href) (regexp-replace wikiurl-regex href "/\\1\\2")))
; add noreferrer to a.image
(curry u
(λ (v) (and #;(eq? element-type 'a)
(has-class? "image" v)))
(λ (v) (dict-update v 'rel (λ (s)
(list (string-append (car s) " noreferrer")))
; proxy images from inline styles, if strict_proxy is set
(curry u
(λ (v) strict-proxy?)
(λ (v) (attribute-maybe-update
(λ (style)
(regexp-replace #rx"url\\(['\"]?(.*?)['\"]?\\)" style
(λ (whole url)
(u-proxy-url url)
")")))) v)))
; and also their links, if strict_proxy is set
(curry u
(λ (v)
(and strict-proxy?
#;(eq? element-type 'a)
(or (has-class? "image-thumbnail" v)
(has-class? "image" v))))
(λ (v) (attribute-maybe-update 'href u-proxy-url v)))
; proxy images from src attributes, if strict_proxy is set
(curry u
(λ (v) strict-proxy?)
(λ (v) (attribute-maybe-update 'src u-proxy-url v)))
; don't lazyload images
(curry u
(λ (v) (dict-has-key? v 'data-src))
(λ (v) (attribute-maybe-update 'src (λ (_) (car (dict-ref v 'data-src))) v)))
; don't use srcset - TODO: use srcset?
(λ (v) (dict-remove v 'srcset))))
(define (children-updater attributes children)
; more uncollapsing - sample: bandori/wiki/BanG_Dream!_Wikia
((λ (children)
(λ (v) (has-class? "mw-collapsible-content" attributes))
(λ (v) (for/list ([element v])
(u (λ (element) (element-is-element? element))
(λ (element)
`(,(car element)
(@ ,@(attribute-maybe-update 'style (λ (a) (regexp-replace #rx"display: *none" a "display:inline")) (bits->attributes element)))
,@(filter element-is-content? (cdr element))))
; wrap blinking animated images in a slot so they can be animated with CSS
((λ (children)
(λ (v) (and (has-class? "animated" attributes)
((length v) . > . 1)))
(λ (v)
`((span (@ (class "animated-slot__outer") (style ,(format "--steps: ~a" (length v))))
(span (@ (class "animated-slot__inner"))
(define (updater element element-type attributes children)
;; replace whole element?
; wrap tables in a div.table-scroller
[(and (eq? element-type 'table)
(has-class? "wikitable" attributes)
(not (dict-has-key? attributes 'data-scrolling)))
((class "table-scroller"))
((,element-type (@ (data-scrolling) ,@attributes)
; HACK for /yugioh/wiki/Pot_of_Greed: move card images above tables
[(and (eq? element-type 'table)
(has-class? "cardtable" attributes)
(not (has-class? "bw-updated-cardtable-cardimage" attributes)))
(define (is-cardimage? t a c) (and (eq? t 'td)
(has-class? "cardtable-cardimage" a)))
(define cardimage ((query-selector is-cardimage? element)))
(if (not cardimage)
(list element-type attributes children)
(let ([new-cardtable (update-tree
(λ (e t a c)
(if (is-cardimage? t a c)
(list t a c)))
(@ ,(attribute-maybe-update 'class cardimage-class-updater attributes))
(list 'div null (list cardimage new-cardtable))))]
; exclude empty figcaptions
[(and (eq? element-type 'figcaption)
(or (eq? (length (filter element-is-element? children)) 0)
((query-selector (λ (element-type attributes children)
(eq? element-type 'use))
; exclude infobox items that are videos, and gallery items that are videos
[(and (or (has-class? "pi-item" attributes)
(has-class? "wikia-gallery-item" attributes))
((query-selector (λ (element-type attributes children)
(has-class? "video-thumbnail" attributes))
; exclude the invisible brackets after headings
[(and (eq? element-type 'span)
(has-class? "mw-editsection" attributes))
; display a link instead of an iframe
[(eq? element-type 'iframe)
(define src (car (dict-ref attributes 'src null)))
((class "iframe-alternative") (href ,src))
(,(format "Embedded media: ~a" src)))]
; remove noscript versions of images because they are likely lower quality than the script versions
[(and (eq? element-type 'noscript)
(match children
; either the noscript has a.image as a first child...
[(list (list 'a (list '@ a-att ...) _)) (has-class? "image" a-att)]
; or the noscript has img as a first child
[(list (list 'img _)) #t]
[_ #f]))
; remove gamespot reviews/ads
[(has-class? "reviews" attributes)
(list element-type
;; attributes
(attributes-updater #; element-type attributes)
;; children
(children-updater attributes children))]))
(define (update-tree-wiki tree wikiname #:strict-proxy? [strict-proxy? #f])
(update-tree (updater wikiname #:strict-proxy? strict-proxy?) tree))
(module+ test
(define transformed
(update-tree-wiki wiki-document "test" #:strict-proxy? #t))
; check that wikilinks are changed to be local
(check-equal? (get-attribute 'href (bits->attributes
(λ (t a c) (dict-has-key? a 'data-test-wikilink))
; check that a.image has noreferrer
(check-equal? (get-attribute 'rel (bits->attributes
(λ (t a c) (and (eq? t 'a)
(has-class? "image" a)))
" noreferrer")
; check that article collapse sections become uncollapsed
(check-equal? (get-attribute 'class (bits->attributes
(λ (t a c) (dict-has-key? a 'data-test-collapsesection))
"collapsible collapsetoggle-inline")
; check that iframes are gone
(check-false ((query-selector (λ (t a c) (eq? t 'iframe)) transformed)))
(check-equal? (let* ([alternative ((query-selector (λ (t a c) (has-class? "iframe-alternative" a)) transformed))]
[link ((query-selector (λ (t a c) (eq? t 'a)) alternative))])
(get-attribute 'href (bits->attributes link)))
; check that images are proxied
(check-equal? (get-attribute 'src (bits->attributes
(λ (t a c) (eq? t 'img))
; check that links to images are proxied
(check-equal? (get-attribute 'href (bits->attributes
(λ (t a c) (and (eq? t 'a) (has-class? "image-thumbnail" a)))
(check-equal? (get-attribute 'href (bits->attributes
(λ (t a c) (member '(data-test-figure-a) a))
; check that noscript images are removed
(check-equal? ((query-selector (λ (t a c) (eq? t 'noscript)) transformed)) #f)
; check that gamespot reviews/ads are removed
(check-equal? ((query-selector (λ (t a c) (has-class? "reviews" a)) transformed)) #f)
; check that (& x) sequences are not broken
(check-equal? ((query-selector (λ (t a c) (dict-has-key? a 'data-test-ampersand)) transformed))
'(div (@ (data-test-ampersand) (class "mw-collapsible-content"))
(& ndash)))
; benchmark
(when (file-exists? "../storage/Frog.html")
(with-input-from-file "../storage/Frog.html"
(λ ()
(define tree (html->xexp (current-input-port)))
(time (length (update-tree-wiki tree "minecraft")))))))