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2 years ago
# Carbon Chat
2 years ago
Carbon is the Matrix client for Discord and Guilded refugees.
2 years ago
Visit the hosted instance on
2 years ago
## Status
Carbon is **abandoned** by its author, but it is still solid code to build on for anyone with the time and inclination to pick it up.
## Report bugs and suggest features
Please briefly check this README and the issues page first to make
sure that the issue/feature is not already known!
- If you already have an account on Gitdab, use the issues page.
- If you don't have an account, and don't wish to create one, you can
send an email to the [mailing list].
If something in the interface isn't working as you think it should,
please provide a screenshot of any messages from the browser devtools
console. If using the mailing list, attachments aren't supported, so
you'll have to upload to some image host and post the link.
[mailing list]:
2 years ago
## The dream
2 years ago
Carbon's planned features, compared to Discord and Guilded:
2 years ago
- End to end encryption
- Free of charge, per-account, custom emojis and custom emoji packs
- No limit to number of groups you can join at a time
2 years ago
- Uses the open Matrix and Mumble systems
2 years ago
- Much better IRC layout
2 years ago
- Probably more
Carbon's planned features, compared to Element:
- Get rid of the unmanageable combined rooms list
2 years ago
- Groups like Discord/Guilded guilds
2 years ago
- Always have one group selected at a time
- Synchronised membership, moderators, power levels and bans
- Ordered channel list
- Unread indicators
- Add existing channels to groups
- Pin any channel to the groups bar
- Tidy Mumble integration to add voice channels
- More reliable unreads
- Per-account custom emojis (Ponies+FluffyChat integration) and custom emoji packs
- Slightly better IRC layout
- Probably more
## The reality
Carbon is currently _technically_ usable as a chat app, but is very
early in development. These important features still need to be
- Emojis
- Reactions
- Encryption
2 years ago
- Groups v2
- Group management
- Pinned channels
- Mumble integration
2 years ago
For more information, see [issue
2 years ago
## The code
### Downloading a CI build
Visit [drone CI](,
select the branch you want to use, select `b2` on the left, scroll
down, and open the URL on the last line to download the build.
2 years ago
### Building from source yourself
- git
- node
- npm (bundled with node)
2 years ago
npm install -D
npm run rebuild
2 years ago
### Hosting a build
2 years ago
Send the files from the `build` folder to a static file server. Apply
a long cache-control header to everything served under `/static`, and
no cache-control header to everything else.
### Developing
npm run watch
Files will be rebuilt as you save them.
Use `python3 -m http.server -d build` to serve the build on
2 years ago
(Avoid `npx http-server`, it caches too much stuff.)