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Lord_Parmesan 10 months ago
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UPDATE: Rolling Stone issues from number 1 to number 1000 are now free. Well, "free" as in freedom free, you might have to pay a few bucks for a copy of this bondi crap on amazon or ebay or something. In fact you probably should, this effort was never about piracy it was always about reclaiming the sticks in the bundle that were wrongfully withheld from buyers (shout out to the lawyers lmao)
# Anyway, I repeat, the username and password allowing for decryption and direct access to the Rolling Stone DJVU file information is now berong to me. And now also to you, as I do bequetheth it to the public domain. As such, rolling Stone issues, number 1 to number 1000 are now free.
Wow, I've beaten my head against this thing for a long time. Many aeons have passed before my eyes and been swept away by the sea of time. Many a girlfriend has gradually gone from awesome to concerningly crazy in that way girlfriends are programmed to be by the Great Programmer in the Sky, periodically shedding and regrowing their sanity in a perennial, neverending cycle which sews discord and consternation upon the lands. When I started this repo a few months ago, I had already been obsessed with solving this puzzle for a year or so, and honestly this is an idea that's been ruminating in my head for the better part of a decade.
In that way that things tend to happen in life, I was going through some folders to clear space and came acrosss some code that I decompiled sometime around batshit-stage Chrissy or finallyMySoulmate-stage Lauren, which I guess was the better part of long time ago now. So my mind was running around like a monkey high on speedballs and thinking about this and that, when the voice of reason who actually does pop up now and again, at least often enough for me to know he exists, and naturally who sounds like Pagoda from the Royal Tenenbaums, quietly says:
"There it is."
The username and password allowing for decryption and direct access to the Rolling Stone DJVU files information was staring out from this block of code in djvuControllerComponent.whatever.cs:
s.articlesTableAdapter.FillByIssueID(this.bondiDataSet.Articles, asyncTaskOpenIssue.IssueID);
this.djvuControllerComponent.Open(asyncTaskOpenIssue.FileName, "RollingStone", "Mhw8FqG2cHRUtsG0J4NxqBcR26mUJtUlzqc6wv51TDM");
this.pageNumberArray = (string[]) null;
if (!Utility.IsEmpty(this.openIssuesRow.PageMap))
so that's
username: "RollingStone"
password: "Mhw8FqG2cHRUtsG0J4NxqBcR26mUJtUlzqc6wv51TDM"
I'm gonna regroup and try to do something with this. There's a bunch of stuff I need to get put up here, I've worked with the .dll's via python ctypes and native .NET methods, with some success. I would vastly prefer to yank this out of .NET and into python in some kind of extensible way, at least at the top layer. And that's just because python is what I actually know (I'm a chemist by training, not a programmer. But what I lack in knowledge I make up for in obnoxiousness). I've also worked with the celartem djvu SDK a bit which is reasonably fine and may lend some extensibility, but I can't see them forking over a license for this particular implementation--and the SDK is only functional for a couple weeks with an evaluation license, so I'll have to ruminate over this for a bit.
But for now, this dab's for you GitDab . . .
# Rocktopussy
### ```- Reverse engineering the Bondi (pronounced 'Bond-eye') reader software to spring the first 1000 issues of Rolling Stone magazine from DRM prison.```
#### ```- Documenting the Bondi Reader and providing access to binaries and patches where possible```