American McGee's Scrapland reversing and hacking
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Scrapland Reverse Engineering noted and tools


  • Dumps information extracted from Save file
  • Extractor and Repacker for *.packed files, needs the construct and tqdm python modules and python 3.x
    • Run -h for help
  • uses radare2 to parse and label a lot of interesting stuff in the Scrap.exe binary
  • lib/ general Script for poking around inside the game’s scripting system
    • Run import dbg inside the Game’s Console, this will load all builtin modules and enable godmode
    • The dbg module also enables writing to the ingame console using print <var> and defines two global functions s_write() and e_write() for writing to the Ingame Console’s Stdout and Stderr Stream
    • Displays the Game’s built in Debug Menu (doesn’t work properly)
    • dbg.enable_all_conv() allows you to “overwrite” any character, even if they are protected/invulnerable
    • dbg.become(name) allows you to transform into any character
    • dbg.helplib() generates a file helplib.txt in the Game’s folder containing all available Documentation for all available classes and functions
    • dbg.settrace() Logs all Python function calls together with their arguments into a dbg.txt file inside the Game’s folder


WIP Memory hacking library


Tools used: