Discord Android app patches
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Discord Android app patches.

Automatically patched binaries are available on distok.a3.pm/cutthecord.

Toolchain setup

  • Get apktool
  • Get a keystore, see here, step 1.
  • Get 72x72 copies of latest version of mutant standard emojis with codepoints. I have a zip here.
  • Extract the emojis you got somewhere, then prepend emoji_ to their names (for f in * ; do mv -- "$f" "emoji_$f" ; done).
  • Get rid of -fe0f on filenames to fix render of some emojis (find . -name '*png' -exec bash -c ' mv $0 ${0/-fe0f/}' {} \;, lots of mv errors will happen, that's fine).
  • Clone this repo somewhere, edit emojireplace.sh and set the variables to the folders you want it to run on.

Building an patched discord app

  • Get a Discord apk (cough apkmirror), and get all the necessary patches and the optional patches you want for that version. If the patches aren't available, you'll have to port them yourself.
  • Apply the patches (patch -p1 < <patch name>).
  • Edit emojireplace.sh to point to right directories, and apply emoji patches (bash emojireplace.sh)
  • Build the new APK (apktool b com.discord-831)
  • Sign the new APK (jarsigner -keystore <keystore path> <foldername>/dist/<foldername>.apk <alias>)
  • Get your new APK from <foldername>/dist/<foldername>.apk, install and enjoy!

Building patches

diff -crB -x "dist" Folder1 Folder2 > atmpatch.patch

Disclaimer about emojos

This [thing] uses Mutant Standard emoji (https://mutant.tech), which are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/).