fedimbed: add iceshrimp color

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Cynthia Foxwell 2024-01-02 11:57:51 -07:00
parent 92d70621ab
commit 177b5d6534
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@ -33,10 +33,11 @@ const PLATFORM_COLORS = {
akkoma: 0x593196,
misskey: 0x99c203,
calckey: 0x31748f,
firefish: 0xf07a5b, // YCbCr interpolated color from the two logo colors
firefish: 0xf07a5b, // YCbCr interpolated from the two logo colors
gotosocial: 0xff853e,
lemmy: 0x14854f,
birdsitelive: 0x1da1f2,
iceshrimp: 0x8e82f9, // YCbCr interpolated as the accent color is a gradient
const domainCache = new Map();