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Google Play Store Protobuf API wrapper in Kotlin

**For Educational & Research purpose only


I'm not resposible for anything that may go wrong with:

  1. You
  2. Your Google Account.
  3. Socio-economic Life, especially the nudes.
  4. Girlfriend.
  5. Crypto Wallet.

***Hold your own beer!


git clone
gradlew :assemble
gradlew :build

Work Flow

  1. Obtain AASToken from (Email,Password) pair.
  2. Obtain AuthData from (Email,AASToken) pair.
  3. Use AuthData to access data.



Use one of the following tools


val authData =,aastoken)

Fetch App Details

val app = AppDetailsHelper(authData).getAppByPackageName(packageName)

Fetch Bulk App Details

val appList = AppDetailsHelper.getAppByPackageName(packageNameList)

Fetch APKs/OBBs/Patches

val files = PurchaseHelper(authData).purchase(

Fetch All Categories

val categoryList = CategoryHelper(authData).getAllCategoriesList(type) //type = GAME or APPLICATION

Fetch Search Suggestions

val entries = SearchHelper(authData).searchSuggestions(query)

Search Apps & Games

var helper = SearchHelper(authData)
var searchBundle = helper.searchResults(query) 
var appList = searchBundle.appList 

#To fetch next list 
appList =

App Reviews

var helper = ReviewsHelper(authData)
var reviewCluster = helper.getReviews(packageName, filter) //filter = ALL, POSITIVE, CRITICAL
#To fetch next list    
reviewCluster =

User Reviews

var helper = ReviewsHelper(authData)
//Submit or Edit review
val review = helper.addOrEditReview(packageName, title, content, rating, isBeta)
//Retrive review
val review = helper.getUserReview(packageName, isBeta)


  1. googleplay-api
  2. google-play-crawler
  3. play-store-api
  4. raccon4