Un-official F-Droid client
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Aurora Logo
GPL v3 Logo

AuroraDroid: A F-Droid Client

Aurora Droid is an unofficial, FOSS client for F-Droid.

Get it on F-Droid


  1. Free/Libre software - Has GPLv3 License
  2. Beautiful design - Based on latest material design guidlines
  3. Download manager - Full fledged dedicated download manager
  4. Repo Manager - Easy management of various F-Droid repositories


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between Aurora Droid and the official FDroid client?

    Essentially both serve same purpose, but Aurora Droid has its own flavour to the UI

  • Why does this even need the camera permissions?

    Many repositories provide a QR code for their links and AuroraDroid can scan them directly. If you don't want to use this feature, you don't need to give it permissions. You can always add links by hand.

  • Why is there WhatsApp/Skype/miscellaneous-proprietary-app in the apps list? This is blasphemy!

    Why do you think? Many repos (including Haagch and IzzyDroid) are known to include proprietary/non-free applications. All of them are disabled at start, so it's on you for enabling them without knowing them.

  • How does AuroraDroid install apps?

    AuroraDroid can install apps in 3 ways:

    • Manual - Whenever an app is downloaded, it will open the manual installation screen. This doesn't require root or system perms.
    • Root/System - By giving AuroraDroid root or system permissions, it will automatically install apps in the background as soon as they are downloaded.
    • Aurora Services - By installing Aurora Services as system app, AuroraDroid can automatically install app upon download completion in background.
  • How do I use Aurora Services?

    1. Install Aurora Services (preferably to the system).
    2. Open Aurora Services and follow the initial set-up instructions
    3. Open Aurora Services' settings and choose Aurora Services it as an install method.

    You don't need to give AuroraDroid system or root grants; Aurora Services handles all install and uninstall requests in the background.

  • How to give AuroraDroid/Services system permissions?

    You need to either manually push the APKs to /system/priv-app, or install the Magisk module from the services release page.

  • Why are the versions on F-Droid and XDA labs outdated? When will they be updated?

    AuroraDroid is still in a development phase right now; Only infrequent, stable builds will be uploaded there. F-Droid's review & build process is also quite lengthy.
    You can always grab the latest tests builds either from the Telegram Group or from AuroraOSS

Support Developement


Aurora Droid uses the following Open Source libraries: