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OwO what's this?
RimjobWorld is a sex mod that overhauls Rimworld loving, mating and pregnancy mechanics.
Mod supports various sex/hentai fetishes.
Mod is highly configurable and most feature turned off by default, so you can go from vanilla experience to your wild fantasies.
Many additional features(submods) can be found on LL forum and discord.

You can support current Dev(Me) here:

[Mod git]{}

Feedback: [Discord]{}
[LoversLab Forum]{}

Hugslib (Steam) (GitHub)

(if updating - Delete all files from previous RJW versions)
Unpack the the content from the downloaded archive into "...steam/steamapps/common/Rimworld/Mods/RJW"
You will see this folder structure - Rimworld/Mods/RJW/About
Start Game
Activate mod & the other required mods
Restart game

Load Order:
-Rimworld Core (that's the game)
---your mods
---addons for RimJobWorld

use TABS not SPACES for xml/cs, please?
do comments in code for other people(me?)

im not a pro C# programmer or git user, so i might do weird stuff ;)